About YuuZoo

Singapore’s first unique social networking and e-Commerce experience

Yuuzoo is one of the world’s first third-generation social e-Commerce company and the brainchild of Thomas Zilliacus. Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), YuuZoo has access to over 118 million registered users in 164 countries and uniquely combines social networking, e-Commerce and gaming in a mobile-optimised, fully localised tribal marketplace, where the consumer can access hundreds of tribal social networks, shops and entertainment through one single login. YuuZoo grows its international business through a network of franchisees and partners. The network currently covers 68 countries.

What our brand signifies

Graphic reinforcement of the mobile computer in yuur hand, “the world in yuur hand”. The humanistic symbol of the brand.

The focus of our attention: The personal Yuu and the universal Yuu (the community).

The amazing diversity of people, content and possibilities in our world, represented by YuuZoo’s many targeted channels and personalised solutions.

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YuuZoo’s Mission

Helping people to connect with their passions, delivering our promise of many worlds on one platform – “the world in your hands”.

Product Mission

YuuZoo empowers companies looking to embrace social e-Commerce. We enable brands to monetize their social media following while enhancing their customer experience.

YuuZoo’s Vision

YuuZoo aims to become a network of networks built around people and their passions.