02 Feb YuuZoo and NTA, The Largest TV Network in Africa, Launch New TV Show to Market YuuZoo’s EPL Football Games and Virtual Clubhouses

  • NTA’s new TV show “FansConnect” (via weconnect.ng) is focused purely on football and hosted by one of Nigeria’s rising new TV show hosts
  • The in-app purchases for the featured YuuZoo football games have an Average Revenue Per Paying User (“ARPPU”) of USD 422.00
  • Revenue is shared 50-50 between YuuZoo and NTA
  • Featured games include games created for Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal


Singapore, 2nd February 2017: Singapore Exchange listed YuuZoo Corporation Limited (“YuuZoo” SGX:AFC) – one of the world’s fastest growing third generation social e-commerce networks – today announced that its joint venture with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the largest TV Network in Africa1, has launched a new football show, “FansConnect”, which markets football games and virtual clubhouses for top EPL clubs including Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal.

After obtaining distribution and marketing rights for Circle of Champions (“CoC’) hugely popular mobile games for top football clubs, YuuZoo tapped NTA as a strategic partner to introduce the games to the African continent. NTA is Africa’s leading TV network, and has an extensive reach to 189 million2 people. Football is the most popular sport in the African region. YuuZoo has identified NTA as the perfect partner to market CoC’s football games, which have proven vastly popular and have generated very strong revenues in Europe.

In Europe, CoC’s football games for the world’s top football clubs have had an Average Revenue Per Paying User (“ARPPU”) of USD 422.00 from in-app purchases. YuuZoo has added social networking and e-commerce in the form of Virtual Clubhouses for each team, which have the capacity to increase the ARPPU to over USD 1,000.00.

CoC’s highly engaging games provide the players with the chance to win unique, once-in-a-lifetime prizes, with the top prize giving the winner a week with the club they support, during which week they get to meet their idols, watch a top game from a VIP box at the stadium together with former stars of the club, and buy fan memorabilia at the club’s fan shop.

NTA will utilize several marketing platforms, including the launch of FansConnect, a premier TV show in a series of television programs to be created by WeConnect (http://www.weconnect.ng/). These television shows aim to reach and unite football fans across Africa, and are geared for a smooth transfer of a live TV audience to active online users on the WeConnect platform.

Says Thomas Zilliacus, Executive Chairman, YuuZoo Corporation: “YuuZoo is very excited about the launch of FansConnect, and extremely pleased to work together with NTA, Africa’s largest TV network. We know how passionate African football fans are. The games the TV show will market have in Europe reached an ARPPU of USD 422.00. While the average purchasing power in Africa is lower than in Europe, this may well be offset by the passion of the African fans. We look forward to a long, strong and high revenue-generating partnership with NTA and expect to together launch many more games and virtual clubhouses” he concluded.   

Says Maxwell Loko, Managing Director, NTA TV Enterprises:Nigeria loves football and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to work together with Circle of Champions (CoC) and YuuZoo. The clubs that CoC has created mobile games for are household names here in Nigeria. Clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City enjoy a massive following. The possibility for an African fan to spend a week with the club he supports is expected to create significant game revenue. We are very happy to bring this opportunity to all mobile gamers in Nigeria. I believe this will be an instant hit” he concluded.


Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), YuuZoo has built a partly patented mobile and online technology platform on which several in-house developed products in a unique, and for each market fully localized manner, offer targeted social networking, e-commerce, e-Sports e-Sports gaming and payments to hundreds of millions of consumers across all continents. Its revenues grew in the 1st half of 2016 with 242% year-on-year to 81.5 million SGD (USD 58.6 million).

With franchisees and partners covering 69 countries with more than 4 billion consumers, YuuZoo reaches a huge global audience through smartphones, computers and TV sets.

To see the YuuZoo platform, log-in to: http://www.yuuzoo.com.

For more information about the company, please log on to: http://www.yuucorp.com.


The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) was inaugurated in 1977 and is the government-owned body in charge of television broadcasting in the country. The NTA runs the biggest television network in Africa with stations in several parts of Nigeria. In addition to reaching viewers across all of Nigeria, a number of NTA programmes can be viewed online via Africast, as well as, TelAfric Television (US & Canada). NTA News bulletins are frequently aired on Africa Independent Television, and BEN Television in the United Kingdom. NTA is also on the IPTV platform SuncasTV, and via free-to-air satellite on Galaxy 19, Intelsat 905 and Intelsat 507.

To see the WeConnect platform, log-in to: http://www.weconnect.ng/.

To know more about FansConnect TV Show, please check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPvEMstSA-w.


Circle of Champions Inc. is a recently formed 50:50 joint venture between ICYOU AB of Sweden and Mobile FutureWorks Inc. (“MFW”). MFW is also a controlling shareholder of YuuZoo. With offices in Sweden, Singapore and Thailand, where the game development is centered, CoC initially has focused on creating games for the world’s most popular sport, football, but with the capacity and intent to expand into other popular team sports such as basketball, rugby, cricket, ice-hockey etc. To view the games for the various clubs, download “Powershot Challenge” or “Striker Challenge” on iOS or Android.

To watch the trailer of CoC – Striker Challenge and Powershot Challenge, please check https://youtu.be/STBoeJnt2-E.

Angelique Magno, Marketing Manager
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Email: angelique.magno@yuuzoo.com

1 http://www.nta.ng/
2 http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/nigeria-population/