04 Aug YuuZoo Corporation Awarded Patent for Technological Innovation Designed to Revolutionise Digital Advertising

  • YuuZoo receives Certificate of Grant for the invention, “System and Method to Serve One or More Advertisements with Media Format to One or More Devices” (Patent No. 2013077474)
  • New certification sees YuuZoo tapping favourably into digital advertising market which has a potential revenue of US$186.2 billion worldwide in 2016 alone
  • Licensure platform matches marketers’ request in delivering real-time and relevant advertisements to users based on location, context and time to multiple devices


Singapore, 4th August 2016: Singapore-based YuuZoo Corporation Limited (“YuuZoo SGX: AFC) one of the world’s first third-generation social e-Commerce companies, today announced it has been awarded a patent by The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) for a technological invention officially named the “System and Method to Serve One or More Advertisements with Media Format to One or More Devices” (Patent Number: 2013077474). With the advent of this innovation, marketers will be able to deliver real-time contextual advertisements to end-users on YuuZoo’s networks, which cater to interest specific categories.

Social networking is now a big part of how many people communicate and stay in touch. Social networks are not only becoming the center of e-commerce for many youths who do their shopping online, it has also become platforms for advertisers seeking to reach out to these consumers. It is estimated that Internet advertising revenue will surge at an 11.1% CAGR to reach US$260.4bn by 2020 , reflecting the ubiquity of online activities in consumers’ lives. However, the need to sift through and avoid digital advertising clutter is causing consumers to have a growing distrust of traditional advertising methods and instead, rely on tips from others in their social networks.

YuuZoo’s invention, newly awarded with patent from the IPOS, seeks to address this digital advertising dilemma by redefining a customised solution. Real-time Contextual Advertisements is the key to helping businesses manage targeted brand connections between consumers across multiple networks. YuuZoo’s platform enables brands to deliver contextual advertisements in real-time to the consumer. Imagine a scenario where a user of a football social network leaves the stadium after a game only to find that it’s raining outside. Real-time contextual advertisements will ensure that the user will be, at that moment offered relevant advertisements telling him where the nearest shop selling umbrellas is located, or where he could get a cab without waiting in the rain. In other words, real-time contextual advertisements provide users with customised advertisements that appeal to their profiles and cover specific areas of interest, while giving them the liberty to decline advertisements they are not interested in.

Furthermore, today’s consumers own multiple devices and are constantly on the lookout to improve their movement between these devices seamlessly in their daily lives. YuuZoo’s invention also allows the media format of the advertisement to be customised and delivered to the user appropriately based on device type. For instance, when the user is using a mobile device, the advertisement may be served in text format while the same advertisement can take the form of a higher definition version when the user is logged into a laptop device.


YuuZoo Corporation Limited

Of YuuZoo’s innovative achievement as well as the grant of patent by IPOS, YuuZoo CEO, James Sundram said, “YuuZoo is well-poised to tap into the growth of digital advertising market which this year alone is estimated to reach US$186.2 billion2. This patent complements YuuZoo’s five key drivers of Sports, Celebrities, Fashion, Beauty and Games which, through YuuZoo’s digital network platform and integrating marketing technology, provide a rich contextual experience in real-time to users based on their specific needs across multiple devices like mobile phones and computers. This licensure platform will bring forth higher engagements and satisfaction from users, which will in turn lead to an increase in revenue on the e-commerce front.”




Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), with access to over 118 million registered users in 164 countries, YuuZoo uniquely combines social networking, e-Commerce and games in a mobile-optimised, fully localised tribal marketplace, where the consumer can access hundreds of tribal social networks, shops and entertainment through one single login. YuuZoo grows it international business through a network of franchisees and partners. The network currently covers 68 countries.

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