08 Oct YuuZoo Secures Co-Hosting and Naming Rights for 2015 Electronic Sports China Cup (ESCC) Online Gaming Clubs Invitational – China’s Top E-Sport Event Targeting Over 400 Million Gamers in China

  • The event is the first development under YuuGames- the joint venture between YuuZoo and  XG AMA in China in conjunction with ESCC (Ministry of Culture, Government of the Republic of China)
  • Event targets 10 million live audience and China’s 446.3 million gamers
  • Average annual spend per paying player is US$141.38


Singapore, October 08, 2015: Singapore-listed YuuZoo Corporation Limited (“YuuZoo SGX: AFC.SI), a leading global third generation social commerce company, today announced it has been granted the rights for  co-hosting the upcoming Electronic Sports China Cup (ESCC) Online Gaming Clubs Invitational in China, granted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture through its Affiliate China Animation Group. The event is the first development under YuuZoo’s recently announced joint venture with leading Chinese e-sport event organizer XG AMA. YuuGames will be organizing and co-hosting the entire event, and can sell the naming rights or use it for itself.

The ESCC inaugural competition was held last year in Nanjing. Despite its early roots, it is considered the top e-sport event in China in terms of prize money, coverage, and influence. It is also the country’s first e-sport event done in conjunction with the more than 140,000 Chinese online e-Sports gaming cafes directly. The nationwide invitational event is managed by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, through China Animation Group, which is tasked to grow the e-sports industry in China.

The massive e-sport event commands a high level of engagement among gamers and cafes alike, due to the structure of the championships, the high engagement and participation from celebrity players, and the close cooperation with clubs representing the various e-Sports gaming cafés. This year, three million participants from over 1,000 internet clubs from 15 provinces in China are expected to battle it out at ESCC. The players will be competing in the League of Legends for the grand bonus of three million yuan (US$471,053).

The competition will be carried out in an integral cycle mode, screening the best players from each participating club and then selecting the top 10 teams from each province who will compete in the finals. The competition mode involves taking in clubs as members and recording their cumulative scores to win the bonus. The three million yuan bonus will be awarded to the highest scoring club, ensuring sustained motivation for the participants.

Throughout the duration of the competition, leading to the finals on 27 December 2015 – 01January, 2016, the event will be actively promoted across TV, online, print, and traditional channels. A live audience of over 10 million are estimated to watch the finals scheduled to be held in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Industry sources state that e-sports is especially attractive to sponsors as it provides a highly efficient way to target the engaged PC gamer, who spends significantly more on hardware and software than the average gamer.

China’s games market is expected to reach US$22.2 billion this year, a 23 percent increase from last year. Among the 446.3 million gamers, 35 percent spend an average of US$141.38 annually per player. One of the market’s growth drivers is attributed to higher demand for Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games such as League of Legends.

James Sundram, recently appointed CEO of YuuZoo says, “YuuZoo has over the last few months kicked off several new initiatives to expand its footprint in China’s huge social e-commerce and e-Sports gaming market. Prior to this announcement, we announced the acquisition of key assets from leading Chinese mobile game developer Camigo Media LLC and a partnership with Circle of Champions, the leading developer of mobile games for the world’s top football clubs. All these deals support each other and strengthen our position in the exciting and fast-growing Chinese market. The recent deal, which is signed with the Chinese Ministry of Culture through China Animated Group, will over the course of the four-month-long competition hugely increase YuuZoo’s exposure in China, which we expect to significantly support all our commercial activities there.”



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Shanghai Xigu Network Technology Co., Ltd (AMA), founded in October 2014, is one of the largest advocates of Internet Café E-Sports Union and E-Sports Entertainment and Cultural Industry in China. AMA focuses in providing complete e-sports solution for the internet café e-sport industry. So far, AMA covers 18 provinces in China, operating and promoting events in more than 1,000 cities, with elite team members from game and e-sports industry. Its business scope includes traditional e-sports event organization, e-sport commentary, competition training, and game video playback etc.


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