30 Jan YuuZoo Creators Partner to Launch New Live Game Streaming Service, Target to be Number 1 in Asia by Year-End

The co-creators of YuuZoo Corporation, Thomas Zilliacus and Ron Creevey, signs new partnership agreement to create live game streaming services.

New service targets to be Number 1 in Asia by year-end.

Creevey’s new company X-Cast provides platform, YuuZoo provides global distribution.

Service links to YuuZoo’s strategy of providing games as one of three cornerstone services in its Virtual Shopping Mall.

YuuZoo games network screenshot

Singapore, January 30th 2015: The co-creators of YuuZoo Corporation, Thomas Zilliacus and Ron Creevey, today announced that they are joining forces once again in introducing live game streaming via multicast social broadcasting to a global audience, but with a specific focus on the world’s fastest growing and largest developing markets.

Creevey, who together with Zilliacus built YuuZoo but in 2012 to build new ventures, provides the technology through his new venture X-Cast (www.thexcast.com) YuuZoo, using its Virtual Shopping Mall (www.yuuzoo.com and www.yuuzoo.cn) provides the distribution platform, which has access to 85 million registered users and 700 million TV viewers in 164 countries.

Says Ron Creevey, Founder & CEO of X-Cast: ” X-Cast takes social games to a whole new level. It will change the way gamers play for the better, and will allow millions of consumers to view gamers play their games live, anywhere from any device.”

Says Thomas Zilliacus, Chairman & CEO of YuuZoo: “Games form one of three cornerstones in our virtual shopping mall. Improving live game streaming is a new and hugely exciting service. X-Cast provides a multicast platform. The live streaming will be yet another service within YuuZoo’s Virtual Shopping Mall, attracting more users and attracting users to spend more time in the YuuZoo Mall. All game-related payments and all payments for all events including PPV (Pay Per View) will be made using our payment platform YuuPay”, concludes Zilliacus.

Game Event Streaming has grown rapidly. Twitch, one of the market leaders in game event streaming in the developed markets, was recently sold for USD1 billion. Compared with Twitch, YuuZoo has access to a much larger user base in much larger markets.

The partnership between X-Cast and YuuZoo shows that the investments YuuZoo has made and continues to make in building a large targeted user base enables the company to provide distribution platforms for companies providing new emerging technologies, expanding and strengthening YuuZoo’s revenue streams further.

Examples of coming YuuZoo X-Cast Networks can be found at the following link: http://www.thexcast.com/live/category/36#filter/channel_status. They will all soon be incorporated onto a Game Event Platform in YuuZoo’s Virtual Shopping Mall.


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Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), with access to over 85 million registered users in 164 countries, YuuZoo in a unique way combines social networking and e-commerce in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of targeted social networks, targeted shops and targeted entertainment through one single login. All networks are localized for each market as comes to language as well as merchandise and design. To see the networks, log into: www.yuuzoo.com or www.yuuzoo.cn. For more information about the company, please log on to: www.yuucorp.com



Headquartered in Sydney, X-Cast is a broadcast platform where brands and users can set up channels to broadcast video or radio live. The Directors of the company are pioneers in digital media, branded entertainment and live broadcasting. Leveraging their extensive experience in the digital media world, they has also developed a live streaming social broadcast platform where brands and users can set up channels to broadcast live (video or radio) as well as a stream media, and/or access Video on Demand (VOD) & Pay Per View (PPV) content. XCast also creates standalone broadcast platforms for global media players and social broadcasters.


Macquarie Capital (Singapore) Pte. Limited (“Macquarie”) was the financial adviser to W Corporation Limited (now known as YuuZoo Corporation Limited) in relation to the acquisition of the entire issued and paid-up share capital of YuuZoo Corporation and its subsidiaries.