31 Oct YuuZoo Becomes The First Company In Singapore To Build Dedicated Social Network To Address Investor Queries

Singapore October 31, 2014: Singapore listed YuuZoo Corporation (“YuuZoo” SGX: AFC), today announced it as the first listed company in Singapore has built a dedicated  social network (www.yuuinvestor.com ) to enable investors to communicate directly with the management of the company.

YuuInvestor screenshot July 2015

The YuuInvestor dedicated social network will enable investors to get updates on YuuZoo’s business, strategy and targets, and to discuss amongst themselves as well as with management. The network will feature monthly live interactive sessions with YuuZoo’s top management including sessions with Thomas Zilliacus, Chairman and CEO, YuuZoo Corporation. During the sessions, Investors can interact in real time with the management concerning issues relating to YuuZoo’s business.

Commenting on the new investor network Thomas Zilliacus, Chairman and CEO YuuZoo said,” YuuZoo’s business model is new not only in Singapore. YuuZoo brings into social networking and e-commerce things that are new to the social media and e- commerce space worldwide. The company is committed to providing timely, concise and transparent updates and disclosures on its performance, strategies and initiatives – an approach that enables investors, analysts and the public to understand the business and enables us to build a relationship of trust with all stakeholders. I look forward to creating a new and open way of real-time communication between investors and management.”



Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX mainboard (SGX: AFC), with access to over 65 million registered users in 164 countries, YuuZoo in a unique way combines social networking and e-commerce in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of targeted social networks, targeted shops and targeted entertainment through one single login. All networks are localized for each market as comes to language as well as merchandise and design. To see the networks, log into: www.yuuzoo.com. For more information about the company, please log onto: www.yuucorp.com