08 Aug One of the world’s largest churches, with an estimated base of over 50 million followers in more than 180 countries, chooses YuuZoo to launch its first dedicated social network


As the first major church in the world the ‘The Redeemed Christian Church of God’ (RCCG), one of the world’s largest and fastest growing churches, will have its own dedicated social network which is optimized for mobile usage

Lagos/Singapore, August 8th, 2014: Singapore-based YuuZoo Corporation (“YuuZoo”) today announced that it has been chosen by ‘The Redeemed Christian Church of God’ (“RCCG”), one of the world’s largest and fastest growing churches with an estimated base of over 50 million followers worldwide, to build http://www.bredeemed.com/– a targeted social network for the Church and its followers to create a global RCCG community in cyberspace.

YuuZoo’s total registered user base will grow to around 100 million registered users once the followers of RCCG join the new network.  With an average global annual advertising ARPU of over USD 4.00 and global annual e-commerce ARPU reaching several hundred of USD in many markets, this new agreement has the potential to significantly increase the advertising and e-commerce revenue of YuuZoo.

The Redeemed Christian Church Of God was established in 1952. In 1981, the membership began to grow strongly with new parishes emerging all over the world. At the last count, there are over 32,000 parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God all over the world. Today, the church is present worldwide with parishes in over 180 countries. Its leader, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has by Newsweek been named one of the world’s 50 most influential people.

RCCG v4 screenshot

Over the years, the way the church functions has evolved in response to the changing environment. RCCG has adopted new initiatives which has led to the establishment of an IT Board to manage, supervise and co-ordinate the Information Technology division of the Church. The IT Board has embraced the adoption of new technologies and has built a strategy to embrace the Internet. The church has identified the need to use the 3rd generation targeted social media platform of YuuZoo to reach out to and bring together its more than 50 million followers as well as new members of the fast-growing RCCG family.

Commenting on the World’s first Targeted Social Network for a major global church, PASTOR FUNSHO ODESOLA, Special Assistant to the General Overseer and member of the Governing council of RCCG said, “We see social networking as the main way to communicate and stay in touch with our millions of members worldwide, and as the best way to enable our members to meet and deepen their relationships with God, as well as each other. We want to build a strong global community where righteousness is practised. We first tried to connect with our members by telling them to “Like us” and “Follow us” on existing second generation social networks. This however exposed the users to ungodly content and environments.  With the custom built Social Network by YuuZoo, we control our brand and our message and can aggregate into our network multiple social feeds from other social media across the globe. YuuZoo will help us to bring our members closer to God and each other. With YuuZoo we are convinced that RCCG further will enhance its already significant reach and visibility worldwide.”

Speaking on the partnership Thomas Zilliacus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), YuuZoo, said, “RCCG is using YuuZoo’s targeted social network to bring their estimated following of over 50 million people worldwide together onto a single platform and thereby build a strong global RCCG community. We are proud that they, after careful evaluation of all possibilities have chosen our 3rd generation platform to build the world’s first Targeted Social Network for a major global church. We welcome them to our global network of more than 120 existing client networks and will work with RCCG to help make the RCCG Targeted Social Network a strong global success.”

About YuuZoo:

Headquartered in Singapore, with over 42 million current registered users in 164 countries, YuuZoo represents the 3rd generation of social networks powered by the global mobile revolution. YuuZoo’s targeted ecommerce social networks are device-agnostic but optimized for all mobile phones.