17 Oct Miss Asia Pacific World partners with YuuZoo to launch its own Social Network

For the first time in its history the ‘Miss Asia Pacific World’ (MAPW) event held in Seoul, Korea will have individual Ecommerce enabled Social Networks custom designed and built by YuuZoo for the MAPW 2013 event and all its contestants from over 45 Countries

Korea/Singapore, 17 October, 2013: Singapore based YuuZoo Corporation (“YuuZoo“) today announced that it has partnered with Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent, to develop an ecommerce enabled Social Network, a world’s first for any beauty pageant. As part of the agreement, YuuZoo will design and build a branded ‘Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent’ (“MAPW”)Ecommerce Enabled Social Network to be deployed across Web, Mobile App (iOS and Android) and an optimized Mobile Web version for the event.

You can visit the MAPW 2013 dedicated ecommerce enabled Targeted Social Network:http://www.missapw.com YuuZoo has also created a dedicated Social Network for each of the ‘MAPW’ contestants, wherein fans can engage, socialise and interact with followers from all over the world, as well as watch the event live from their Mobile phones. The MAPW Branded Social Network will also be equipped with an ecommerce store from which the fans can buy exclusive MAPW content, services and/or merchandise. The event for the first time will be broadcast live through the MAPW 2013 social network on the web and mobile applications 15-30 October 2013.

Prior to partnering with YuuZoo, MAPW like most businesses, had multiple fan pages across popular social networking sites, but it found that as a brand it had limited control and there was no way MAPW could monetize their followers or fans on any of the existing second generation social networking platform. With YuuZoo’s next generation Social Network, MAPW will have one URL and it can aggregate all Social feeds from multiple Social platforms into its exclusive Social Network which is easy to manage, and keeps MAPW fans (and contestants) actively engaged with relevant content.

Commenting on the World’s first Targeted Social Network for MAPW, Lawrence Choi, Founder and President, Miss Asia Pacific World said, “We knew that social networking was the main way to communicate and stay in touch for millions of fans and consumers; like most brands, we tried to reply to these trends by telling our fans to “Like us”and “Follow us” But by doing so, we lost our Brand Control, Customer ownership, and huge revenue opportunities. With YuuZoo’s custom built Social Network we own our own dedicated branded social network and are aggregating all our social feeds from our existing general social networks across the globe and monetizing our user base with a dedicated ecommerce platform. With YuuZoo we are convinced that MAPW will have significant reach and visibility, compared to any other Glandslam pageants from across the world.”

Speaking on the partnership Thomas Zilliacus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), YuuZoo, said, “Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent Organization is visionary and are clearly ahead of the competition. They realize how the Targeted social network can help them enhance their current offering to their customers and the overall experience for the MAPW 2013 event. They have made a game changing move for their pageant and all the contestants by rolling out a dedicated Social Network. The YuuZoo team will all be working very closely with Miss Asia Pacific World to help make MAPW 2013 a success and we are looking forward to a long term relationship with the MAPW team.”