19 Nov YuuZoo Appoints Bob Mansfield as Director of the Board and Consultant


YuuZoo Corporation today announced the appointment of Bob Mansfield as the newest member of the company’s Board of Directors. Mansfield will also join YuuZoo’s roster of business and financial Consultants.

Mansfield’s presence, and the strategic ability he brings, further strengthens YuuZoo’s ability to build a leading global mobile media company. He will team up with YuuZoo Executive Directors and Founders Thomas Zilliacus (Executive Chairman) and Ron Creevey, and with 4 non-executive directors, Nigel Lee, Kelly O’Dea, Peter Tornqvist and Ludde Ingvall.

“To get Bob Mansfield as a Board member and a consultant confirms YuuZoo’s status as a leading global player in the mobile media world. We are extremely fortunate and grateful to have him onboard. I very much look forward to a close working relationship with one of the greatest global names in the telecoms industry”, says Thomas Zilliacus, co-Founder and Executive Chairman of YuuZoo.

Mansfield, AO FCPA, has been conferred with an Order of Australia for his exceptional contribution to the Australian business and economic development and to the telecommunications industry.

He has a solid background in business across a wide range of industries, and has previously held the CEO position at McDonald’s Australia Ltd, Wormald International Ltd, Opus Communications and John Fairfox.

Mansfield was with Australia’s telecommunications giant Telstra Corporation as a board member for 5 years, 4 years of which, he acted as non-executive Chairman. He has also served as a board member of Datacraft Asia, CDS Technologies and Dimensions Data Holdings.

His strong commitment for corporate business advancement did not stop him from nobly sharing his financial and management expertise with the public sector where he was appointed as Strategic Investment Coordinator at the Office of the Prime Minister, and on a consultancy basis, served as Major Projects Facilitator reporting directly to the Prime Minister.

Mansfield, who is based in Australia, now serves as a Director of the Investec Bank Australia Ltd. Concurrently he is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Steve Waugh Foundation.