01 Dec Singapore-based YuuZoo Sponsors 2-times MaxiBoat World Champion


YuuZoo Corporation, one of the world’s fastest growing mobile media, payment and advertising companies, head-quartered in Singapore, today announced it will be the name sponsor of one of the world’s technically most advanced maxiyachts for the Sydney-Hobart sailing race on Boxing Day, December 26th 2009. YuuZoo, which since its inception in April 2007 rapidly has grown its business organically and through mergers, and in 2010 expects to cross the 1 billion SGD mark in revenues, will be the name sponsor of 2-times World Champion and 2-times Sydney-Hobart winner Ludde Ingvall and his star-studded crew.

Working with Google and YouTube, and supported by co-sponsors such as Dell, HTC and Logitech, the YuuZoo boat will set a new benchmark for interactive sports and the use of digital media to enable online and mobile users worldwide to follow the event as if they were onboard the yacht. YouTube will carry a dedicated “YuuSail” channel with live video feed from the YuuZoo boat, while users of Facebook, Twitter and Blogger will carry live text feeds from the crew.

Says Thomas Zilliacus, Executive Chairman and CEO of YuuZoo Corporation : “The mobile device is today a handheld computer. It enables the user not only to do all the things he is used to do on his PC, but as a result of the fact that his mobile always is with him and always on, to experience an interactive world far beyond what his PC allows him to do. Through our sponsorship of Ludde Ingvall’s maxiyacht, and in cooperation with Google and YouTube, we are bringing the amazing challenges and excitement of off-shore racing to mobile users around the world”.

Adds Ron Creevey, President of YuuZoo and a crew member of the YuuZoo boat : ” We aim to duplicate the concept we have built for this race in other big and exciting sporting events. We want those who subscribe to the many YuuZoo channels we offer to first-hand and in real-time be part of major sport happenings around the world”.

Says Ludde Ingvall, skipper of the YuuZoo boat : “YuuZoo is one of the most innovative new media companies I ever have seen. Their growth over 24 months has been phenomenal. Their ideas and creativity enables me to offer an off-shore racing experience that only a select few sofar have been able to be part of to millions of sailing enthusiasts around the world. The high-tech partners I have for the YuuZoo boat forms an ideal team for a revolutionary new way for millions around the world to be part of a major sporting event”.

About YuuZoo

YuuZoo (www.yuuzoo.com ) is head-quartered in Singapore and operates globally. Its novel way of packaging mobile content, payment and advertising in targeted subscription-based channels, where mobile users can have the same user experience as cable-TV subscribers, has given YuuZoo registered users in over 100 countries worldwide. With profitable operations, and annual revenues that in 2010 are expected to surpass the 1 billion SGD mark, the company is one of the world’s fastest growing digital media companies.

In addition to offering subscribers targeted channels, the company offers a broad range of highly targeted advertising opportunities for advertisers wanting to reach mobile users worldwide. In addition to its head office in Singapore, the company also operates out of New York and Sydney.

For more information on YuuZoo, please visit www.yuuzoo.com or www.yuucorp.com, or email info@yuuzoo.com.