05 May YuuZoo and CKE Global, LLC Sign Groundbreaking Mobile Partnership Deal

YuuZoo CKE

YuuZoo, one of the world’s fastest growing mobile payments, content, media and advertising networks and CKE Global, LLC today announced they have signed a mobile partnership deal covering more than 2 billion mobile users in key markets including the Middle East, Australia and Asia including China -the world’s largest mobile market and India, the world’s second largest mobile market. Additional markets include Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya and Palestine.

Under the agreement, YuuZoo will develop, host and maintain a vast range of cutting-edge mobile content supplied by CKE Global. CKE will provide placements across its network of television broadcasting platforms, websites, blogs and social networking sites to promote the content. Both partners will work together on integration in key content areas, including editorial placements.

Release of the content will begin June 15, 2010, starting with Urban and Hip Hop music and video content. Film, television, documentary, fitness, sports, drama, reality, cooking, & lifestyle content will follow. This will include a substantial amount of impressions across all CKE broadcasting platforms; including ads in hip hop content broadcasting on IPTV and OTT platforms, as well as TV channels in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.

“CKE is a global market leader in urban and hip hop content and we are extremely proud to be associated with them in this unique partnership,” said Thomas Zilliacus Chairman & CEO of YuuZoo. “YuuZoo is launching simultaneously in key markets in Europe and the US, and will reach more than 2 billion potential subscribers. We are offering a wide range of new content which we are getting from over 350 leading content partners”, Zilliacus added. Ron Creevey, Founder and President of YuuZoo says, “When it comes to urban and hip hop music Kevin Evans’ experience and success are just what we are looking for to access this exciting and lucrative market. We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity to work with someone with his credentials.. Evans also will bring in Carol Davis, founder of The Global Broadcasting Company and one of the leading distributors of U.S. produced independent content”.

“Our affiliation with YuuZoo is very important to us”, says Kevin L. Evans, Chairman and Co-Founder of CKE Global. “We are the leading mobile presence for independent producers, writers, publishers and multi-platinum artists of urban and hip hop content. YuuZoo provides us with a new channel into the mobile world. Their technology, access and ability to bill and collect from subscribers is impressive. We know that our users around the world will appreciate the quality of the mobile content and become satisfied subscribers. We have partnered before with leading broadcasters such as the Global Broadcasting Company and are excited to partner with them in this new mobile venture”, Evans added.

About YuuZoo:

YuuZoo (http://www.yuucorp.com, http://www.yuuzoo.com ) operates globally, and offers more than 2 billion consumers in North America, Europe and Asia the ability to subscribe to a wide range of content and services that they can download and use on their mobile devices. Built on one of the industry’s most advanced and robust technology platforms, and offering a huge library of content with hundreds of leading global and local content providers, YuuZoo provides users across the world with a new mobile world at their fingertips.

Principal offices are located in Singapore, New York and Sydney.

About CKE Global, LLC:

CKE Global (http://www.ckeglobal.com) gives writers, publishers, producers, multi-platinum and independent artists access to the lucrative and rapidly growing global mobile content and video market. Kevin L. Evans is the former Senior Vice President of RCA Records where he was responsible for signing and working with some of the most recognizable talent in the entertainment industry. He is the former President of Urban Entertainment for All American Communications where he was responsible for developing the urban market for such mega-hit shows as Family Feud and Baywatch, the number one show in the world during his tenure. Through its proprietary broadcasting agreements and partnerships CKE has access to over 100 million viewers in more than 200 countries.